Week 3 - Initial Presentation & Critique


I did a short presentation to the class the other day explaining the direction I am taking with the project. The words "musical literacy" blurted out my mouth but I think it well encapsulates the area I want to work. I'll be developing a Arduino-powered toy, with a modular track, and possibly an app. My main goal is to make music more tangible not only through sound but through reading and writing music.


I collected both positive and negative comments from my peers. There seemed to be a pattern in some of the critiques. Many people liked the physical aspect of my project, which is something I don't intend to ever remove. Some were concerned about the necessity of the app, which is very understandable. I need to decide the ultimate purpose of the app and how it works in tangent to the toy without being an unnecessary element. A few people talked about making the connection between the tangible music making with real technical music composition, and maybe pushing it to other applications such as using the music written to be easily transitioned to piano music. There was some concern about building the tool in terms of the Arduino and coding, which I am a little worried as well but I feel like the system could be relatively simple and this would be my third time using Arduino.

These were some of the more poignant comments that stuck out to me.

  1. Facilitate learning with positive and negative feedback.
  2. Changing notes digitally as well as physically to experiment on the app (this I'm not quite sure of but it was an interesting point)
  3. Making the toy more collaborative
  4. A circular track might not actually work mechanically