Week 11: Hitting the ground running

Ever since getting back from California (thank goodness onsite interviews are over) I've hit the ground running - mostly so that I can maybe (?) finish my prototype before carnival.


The car

Suffice to say, I've drawn more for this project than any other project since sophomore year. That's kind of sad... but I've enjoyed drawing a lot this week. I think I've gotten my chops back. I hope.

I've narrowed down the silhouette that I like. The plan is to make the roof come out to hold all of the pegs. One new feature I'm implementing is having an interchangeable roofs that change the instrument the car plays. I feel like this is a better solution to further strengthen the language of a vehicle.

There's been a lot of clashing between the forms I want and fitting all the components and having a functional rolling car (ball bearings, ball transfers, wheels??). It's been a constant battle and hopefully I've conjectured correctly in ordering my materials.

The track

I began prototyping the the new track with added steps down for the wheels to roll against. I made each of the note lanes raised with a pop color in the background - actual color is tbd since orange was the color I had on hand. I decided to keep the track laser cut as this would take hours to CNC....

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.28.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 7.47.47 PM.png

The insides

I spent five hours today prepping the illustrator file for the inside supports. Probably the most frustrating process ever, as I kept forgetting things and trying to squeeze as much as possible in the smallest size ever... Also, my components measurements are in metric while my car's dimensions are in inches so I've been flip flopping and gahhh!! We'll see how it goes.


finally got to play test with a real life child! Aisling graciously lent me her daughter Iris (5 y/o) to play with my prototype. It went surprisingly well, with some hold-ups with the craft of the prototype. Otherwise, she had fun and I had fun. It was interesting to see that at first she placed the pegs in a pattern visually and then slowly was oriented to what position played what note. I can see this having a bit of a learning curve, but it was nice having Aisling playing along with her.

Iris really liked the idea of having different musical instruments and different colors. Towards the end she started making her own track and bridges with bottles nearby, which would be an interesting next phase of this project. Unfortunately our project is due in a week... Overall, this was a fun experience and it was great seeing an actual child playing with my prototype.