A semester-long project sponsored by BNY Mellon, one of the top global investment companies in America, fellow students Pavel Samsonov and Leyli Guliyeva and I created an alternative way for client-sales relationship meetings to be more collaborative and engaging within collateral services.

Our Solution

We created Presentable in order to establish a higher level of trust between BNY Mellon and their platinum clients. Using future technologies, our use of an interactive touch table tears down the traditional model of slideshow presentations with an inactive audience. Presenters control the flow of the meeting while clients interact with the content being shown.

Our main goals in achieving trust through PresenTable were to:

  • Transform meetings into free form conversations
  • Gain flexibility in giving and receiving the information presented
  • Increase accessibility to relevant information that might not be covered by the presenter

Our Process

Working with limited experiences in the financial world, we sketched visual models to get a better understanding of how BNY Mellon operates and the connections between different roles of the personas involved. This helped narrow our focus to client-sales relationships, and the interaction between the two parties during monthly meetings. Interviews with a BNY Mellon analyst and sales representative gave us an overarching idea of how the company functions.



Concept Maps

Participatory Make Tool

We contacted Kenneth Goldfarb who works on product development and strategy for BNY Mellon's Collateral Services. This point of the make tool was to get a better understanding of the timeline of events taken before, during, and after a meeting with a client, along with the information needed to prepare for a meeting.

Information Architecture

Initial Wireframes